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10TV: LifeCare Alliance Replaces 30 Furnaces for Seniors in 2020

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Story published Jan. 12, 2021, by 10TV:

Nancy Jones lost her husband, Jack, a year ago. On top of an already tough year, she started worrying about her furnace.

It started going out, and she said she wouldn’t have been able to afford fixing it. She started calling places and got in touch with LifeCare Alliance.

LifeCare Alliance replaced furnaces for about 30 people [in 2020].

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Dispatch - Adopt a Family

Columbus Dispatch: LifeCare Alliance’s Adopt-a-Family Helps Those with Cancer Have a Merry Christmas

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Photo and story published Dec. 22, 2020, by The Columbus Dispatch:

Gracie Davis starts crying every time she sees her Christmas presents sitting by the fireplace.

The 69-year-old Far East Side resident received the gifts through the Adopt-a-Family program by LifeCare Alliance and the Columbus Cancer Clinic.

“There’s people out there that do want to help you,” Davis said. “I’ve never had anybody do anything like that for me.”

The Adopt-a-Family program started in 2006.

The program adopted 54 families this year, which equates to 254 household members, said Christin Brown, director of the Columbus Cancer Clinic.

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Grab and Go Thanksgiving Meals being prepared for distribution

NBC4i: LifeCare Alliance feeding more seniors due to COVID-19

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Photo and story published Nov. 24, 2020, by NBC4i:

This Thanksgiving will look a lot different for most, especially for the elderly in central Ohio.

Many of them will be spending the day alone, but thanks to LifeCare Alliance, they will at least be getting a hot meal to enjoy.

LifeCare Alliance is adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic and still providing much needed meals to the seniors in the community.

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Military veteran shown on his front porch with blanket in lap

ABC6: LifeCare Alliance, Fallen 15 Volunteers Support Veterans, Families in Need for Veterans Day

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Photo and story published Nov. 11, 2020, by ABC 6:

LifeCare Alliance volunteers got to work early Wednesday morning. They were determined to show appreciation to veterans on Veterans Day.

Fallen 15 pitched in as well. Fallen 15 is an organization that honors fallen service members. They also work with veterans in the community.

“So, we wanted to do what we could, in a safe, social distancing manner, where we can go out and support them and make sure the families are getting the food they need,” said Sarah Boreland, a Board Member of Fallen 15.

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Image of Al Cathey, who is quoted in the Columbus Dispatch story

Columbus Dispatch: People with compromised immune systems feel isolated amid COVID pandemic

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Photo and story published Nov. 9, 2020, by The Columbus Dispatch:

People with compromised immune systems are at a higher risk of having a severe illness from COVID-19.

“Compromised immune systems means you get COVID-19 very easily and you could end up in the hospital very easily,” said Chuck Gehring, president and CEO of LifeCare Alliance, which provides essential services to thousands of seniors and people with medical challenges or disabilities in central Ohio.

“You’ve got a compromised immune system and that’s a problem to fight off COVID-19,” Gehring said. “You’re just not as strong.”

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Columbus CEO: LifeCare Alliance expands westward with Diabetes Dayton merger

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Photo and story published Aug. 31, 2020, by Columbus CEO Magazine:

LifeCare Alliance is perhaps best known for being the Midwest’s leading provider of Meals-on-Wheels. Diabetes management, however, has become an increasing part of its caseload and care for seniors.

In August, the organization merged with Diabetes Dayton, a nonprofit that provides programs and services to help people suffering from the chronic condition.

“Diabetes Dayton, because of their size, they couldn’t take everybody that needed help,” said LifeCare Alliance President & CEO Charles W. Gehring. “At LifeCare Alliance, we take everybody. Together we’ll be bigger and stronger.”

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Columbus Dispatch: Diabetes Dayton moving under LifeCare Alliance wing

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Photo and story published Aug. 27, 2020, by The Columbus Dispatch:

A nonprofit organization that has been helping diabetes patients in southwestern Ohio since the 1960s aims to strengthen and expand services by merging with a larger Columbus charity.

LifeCare Alliance, one of central Ohio’s largest and oldest charities, has merged with Diabetes Dayton in an effort to boost services in a part of the state with high rates of the disease.

The move brings Ohio’s last two diabetes-focused nonprofit organizations under the LifeCare umbrella, officials said. The Central Ohio Diabetes Association joined LifeCare in 2017.

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Dayton Business Journal: Dayton nonprofit inks merger with Central Ohio healthcare agency

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Photo and story published Aug. 27, 2020, in the Dayton Business Journal:

Diabetes Dayton, one of just a few independent diabetes associations in Ohio, has completed a merger with LifeCare Alliance — one of the oldest and largest nonprofit organizations in the state.

The partnership aims to expand services for both new and existing clients, enhance access to resources and strengthen care offerings for both nonprofits.

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10TV: Community Donates Fans to Help People Without AC Keep Cool

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Thanks to community donationsLifeCare Alliance has given away nearly 1500 fans this summerThese fans go to central Ohioans who don’t have access to adequate air conditioning. Fan recipients are often at extreme risk during heat waves because of advanced age, chronic medical conditions, or poverty 

LifeCare Alliance delivers fans directly through Meals-on-Wheels as well as weekly public drive-through fan distributions.  

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Box fans

NBC 4: LifeCare Alliance Fan Campaign Cools off Columbus

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LifeCare Alliance’s summer fan campaign supplies fans to central Ohioans in desperate need of in-home coolingMeals-on-Wheels drivers deliver fans to home bound people in addition to public drive-through fan distributions.  

During an early July heat wave, fans can be a valuable tool for keeping senior citizens and other venerable people safe and comfortable.  

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All Sides with Ann Fisher

LifeCare Alliance President & CEO Chuck Gehring discusses COVID-19 response with “All Sides with Ann Fisher”

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LifeCare Alliance President & CEO Chuck Gehring was a guest on WOSU Public Media’s All Sides with Ann Fisher this week to discuss the Agency’s activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are highlights from his interview (begins at 14:00 time stamp):

  • LifeCare Alliance’s Meals-on-Wheels program has seen a 53% increase in clients – or about 2,300 new clients – as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We are still accepting all who qualify, and we continue to offer our services without a waiting list. (If you or someone you know is in need of our services, click here to complete a referral application.)
  • LifeCare Alliance’s new home-delivery clients may be people affected by temporarily closed Senior Dining Centers, or those who may have temporarily lost access to family support because of quarantine and stay-at-home orders. Some new clients receive a weekly drop of frozen meals.
  • Daily check-ins are a critical part of the Meals-on-Wheels program. Five people were found in distress during the first week of the stay-at-home order. They were able to get help because of the volunteer or staff member who visited to deliver a meal.
  • The Agency has seen more than 1,200 new volunteer sign-ups in response to the increased need. Some new volunteers are people working from home or college students who are home from campus – people who temporarily have more flexibility in their schedules to volunteer.
  • LifeCare Alliance asks new volunteers to stay involved if they can, as many prepare to return to their workplaces. (Volunteers who have attended an orientation class can sign up for routes using our Meal Scheduler tool. First-time volunteers can get started by filling out an application online.) Volunteers may want to check with their employers if they would support their volunteer efforts or Adopt-a-Route.
  • A variety of volunteer opportunities are available, such as pantry drop-offs for our Groceries-to-Go clients and pet food deliveries with our Senior PetCare program.
  • LifeCare Alliance’s Meals-on-Wheels menu includes new items such as omelets, waffle sticks with blueberry compote, and popcorn chicken. Menus can be customized and options such as kosher, vegetarian, and pureed are offered. Our dietitians can work with your doctor to choose a meal plan if you wish.
  • The central Ohio community has always been generous, and that has been apparent during the coronavirus pandemic. Emergency funds and other corporate donations have been appreciated as LifeCare Alliance serves a growing number of people in our community.
  • We encourage all volunteers to be safe, with prevention practices such as wearing masks and observing social distancing.

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This segment is part of a Wellness Wednesday episode on All Sides with Ann Fisher. To go directly to Chuck’s interview, skip to 14:00.

LifeCare Alliance Working to Keep Seniors Fed During Coronavirus Shutdown

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Photo and story published April 6, 2020, by nbc4i:

Seniors and those with compromised immune systems are among some of the most vulnerable at this time. LifeCare Alliance is now serving up to 7,000 meals a day to meet the growing need.

As the need for Meals-on-Wheels increases, LifeCare Alliance asks that more volunteers step up.

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Ohio State Highway Patrol Steps in to Help Deliver Meals on Wheels

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Photo and story published April 2, 2020, by WBNS-10TV:

LifeCare Alliance depends on more volunteers as the demand for Meals-on-Wheels increases. With a large number of regular volunteers now falling into the vulnerable category for COVID-19, there are fewer volunteers.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol recognizes the growing need for the daily, essential meal and check, and steps up to serve!

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LifeCare Alliance Keeping Meals-on-Wheels Rolling With Extra Volunteers

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Photo and story published March 30, 2020, by ColumbusCEO:

LifeCare Alliance is now offering a daily volunteer training to meet the growing demand of Meals-on-Wheels. With the recent closing of all 40 dining centers, 800 clients will now have their meals delivered.

This new effort has been possible because of the many volunteers who have stepped up. Because of the critical need, additional volunteers and donations are greatly needed.

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Meals on Wheels Needs Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Photo and story published March 20, 2020, by abc6:

LifeCare Alliance will continue to offer meals to home-bound seniors even amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. “The demand for Meals-on-Wheels has gone up dramatically,” said Chuck Gehring, President and CEO of LifeCare Alliance.

As the demand for Meals-on-Wheels increases, Lifecare Alliance counts on their thousands of volunteers to step up and serve their central Ohio neighbors.

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Volunteer Bill Abbott loads Meals-on-Wheels delivery bags into his vehicle.

Columbus Dispatch: No Quarantine on Good Deeds Amid Coronavirus

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Photo and story published March 19, 2020, in the Columbus Dispatch:

LifeCare Alliance has made changes to the program that serves 5,000 meals a day on 165 routes to shut-ins in multiple counties. The changes include not requiring people to sign for their meals (to limit contact) and drivers picking up food and paperwork outside the nonprofit’s headquarters in Franklinton.

But even in these uncertain times, not one of the agency’s thousands of volunteers have said they would stop delivering.

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Two volunteers carry styrofoam containers to their car.

Fox 28: Central Ohio Meals on Wheels volunteers on the frontlines during coronavirus pandemic

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Photo and story broadcast on March 13, 2020, on Fox 28:

Senior citizens are most at risk for Coronavirus, so people are doing everything they can to keep them safe. Among those on the frontline, thousands of “Meals on Wheels” volunteers in Central Ohio.

Josephine Jeffries said the deliveries mean the world to her.

“It’s so hard for me to walk. I am 93 years old and it’s been a real blessing. Everybody who delivers food is so friendly,” said Jeffries.

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NBC4i Reporter Adrienne Robbins

NBC4i: Meals on Wheels Delivers Food to Seniors Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

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Photo and story broadcast March 11, 2020, on NBC4i:

The threat of the Coronavirus has organizers with Meals on Wheels already making plans just in case the virus comes to Columbus.

Organizers with Lifecare Alliance say they’ve had meetings for the last few weeks making sure they’ve got a plan in place to make staff and seniors stay safe.

Chuck Gehring is the CEO of the Lifecare Alliance. He said he’s been calming staff fears all week. “Everyone is on edge. Concerned. I tell our volunteers the people they’re delivering to. They’re going to be the last ones who are going to be attacked by this,” said Gehring.

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LifeCare Alliance Program Helps Frequent 911 Callers Access Meals, Other Services

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Photo and story published December 12, 2019, by The Columbus Dispatch:

LifeCare Alliance receives a three-year, $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to further partnerships with local fire departments and health-care providers, improving access to care and eliminating the frequent, unnecessary emergency calls.

This grant allows LifeCare Alliance to expand services to meet the needs of the community, while also preventing “frequent flyers” of the health-care system – keeping people out of nursing homes, and in their own homes.

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