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February 2021

Nominate a Volunteer for the LifeCare Alliance Spirit Awards!

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Thank you for nominating an outstanding volunteer for the Spirit Awards! Volunteers are essential to the success of LifeCare Alliance in our community, so it is important to recognize the wonderful work they do.
Please use the form below to submit your nomination. We want to know the LifeCare Alliance program that benefits from your nominee’s work, as well as the reasons your nominee stands out from all the rest.
Please visit LifeCare Alliance’s website and social media for information about this year’s Spirit Awards as details are finalized.

Columbus CEO: Volunteer of the Year Sandy Freer lives to serve

By Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News, Meals-on-Wheels

Photo by Rob Hardin. Story published Feb. 26, 2021, by Columbus CEO:

Sandy Freer, Vice President of Business Partner Relations at Quantum Health, has been chosen as the Volunteer of the Year by Columbus CEO for their 2021 Healthcare Achievement Awards.

At the heart of Quantum Health’s many efforts is LifeCare Alliance. Freer and her team began taking delivery routes in 2009 and over time increased participation to five times per week.

Freer says, “It brings me joy, and I believe part of the reason I’m here on this Earth is to be in service to other people.”

Click here to read the full story.

Campers smiling and waving

CODA Welcomes the Tom E. Dailey Foundation Inc. as a New Camp Supporter

By Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Featured News

Above picture of Camp Hamwi campers taken prior to 2020. 

Supporters like the Tom E. Dailey Foundation Inc. help LifeCare Alliance’s Central Ohio Diabetes Association (CODA) provide Camp Hamwi for children with diabetes.

The Tom E. Dailey Foundation Inc. was established through an endowment by Tom Dailey, a senior executive in the payments industry for over 30 years. The foundation reflects the founder’s commitment to uplift Ohioans by supporting diversity, railroad heritage, parks and rec, youth, and the arts.

Since 1968, CODA’s camp programs have helped children with diabetes learn life-saving disease management skills in a safe, recreational environment. Campers have demonstrated for over 50 years that camp programming leads to an entire transformation on how they view their disease and how they approach life. Given the tools of better acceptance, self-management and knowledge of their diabetic condition, campers go on to excel in other areas of their life and strive for dreams they did not think they could accomplish before they experienced camp.

Thank you to the Tom E. Dailey Foundation Inc. for helping CODA to continue the 53-year-old tradition of Camp Hamwi!

-By Stephanie Rowe Bencic, LifeCare Alliance

Learn more

Visit LifeCare Alliance’s Central Ohio Diabetes Association camp page to learn more about CODA’s camps that empower children living with diabetes!

Project OpenHand-Columbus Logo

LifeCare Alliance, Kent Richard Hofmann Foundation Partnership Helps the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

By Featured News, POHC

Support from funders such as the Kent Richard Hofmann Foundation enables LifeCare Alliance to provide vital nutritional assistance to clients in our Project OpenHand-Columbus program.

The Kent Richard Hofmann Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to the fight against HIV and AIDS. Kent Richard Hofmann was an architect, philanthropist and early AIDS activist in Atlanta. Since his passing in 1988, the Foundation has kept his wishes to dedicate support to organizations providing advocacy and direct care to people living with HIV/AIDS.

LifeCare Alliance’s Project OpenHand-Columbus provides nutrition services to individuals in Central Ohio living with active HIV/AIDS. The program focuses on preventing nutrient deficiencies, weight loss, wasting and malnourishment, while maximizing the effectiveness of drug therapies and medical treatment. By providing nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, LifeCare Alliance can help to protect their immune systems, keep them in their homes and prevent ill health.

With supporters like the Kent Richard Hofmann Foundation, LifeCare Alliance is able to serve our neighbors with responsive, compassionate, and quality care. Thank you for helping us Nourish the Human Spirit!

-By Stephanie Rowe Bencic, LifeCare Alliance

Learn more

Visit LifeCare Alliance’s Project OpenHand-Columbus page to learn more about the Agency’s program that fight HIV/AIDS with nutrition!

10TV: ‘It’s life or death without my insulin’: Central Ohio Man Explains the Drastic Cost of Insulin

By Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News

Story published Feb. 2, 2021, by 10TV:

Dylan Knecht was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes when he was just 2 years old.

According to GoodRx, a vial of insulin, which is about 1,000 units, cost $210 in 2014, that price rose to $360 by 2018.

LifeCare Alliance, which manages the Central Ohio Diabetes Association and Diabetes Dayton, sees a lot of individuals or families who suddenly get this disease and then have to start spending 400 or more dollars a month on insulin for one person.

Click here to read the full story.