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January 2021

Columbus Dispatch: Soaring Insulin Prices Show How the US is Losing the Battle Against High Drug Costs

By Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News

Photo and story published Jan. 29, 2021, by Columbus Dispatch:

According to a new bipartisan investigation, the cost of insulin has been kept artifically high.

The investigation found that drug manufacturers “aggressively” raised the list price of their leading insulin brands an average of 300% over the past decade.

Lifecare Alliance hands out supplies for diabetics but cannot provide insulin.

Click here to read the full story.

SixtyPLUS Update – Winter 2021

By SixtyPLUS

Welcome, New Partners!

The London Fire Department, London Police Department, and Marion Police Department are the latest agencies to partner with LifeCare Alliance.

We are excited to expand this grant into the other counties that we serve. As we continue to Foster our new and current partnerships, we are still looking to add more SixtyPLUS partners.

SixtyPLUS is designed to arm the first responders with the necessary resources to alleviate non-emergency runs while developing a long-term care solution to meet the increasing demand for seniors.  LifeCare Alliance, one of the oldest and largest providers of services for older adults, will intervene to assist in the home, reducing seniors’ reliance on excessive emergency resources.

In many cases, the needs include basic help in the home — such as meals, home repairs, or diabetes management, which can help seniors remain safe, independent, and in their own homes, where they want to be! Partners will securely share relevant data with LifeCare Alliance to identify senior needs and, over time, measure improvements in both service delivery and client outcomes.

Meet Dr. Lisa

Headshot of Dr. Lisa Juckett

Dr. Lisa Juckett, PhD, OTR/L, CHT
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

If you have not scheduled a meeting with Dr. Lisa  Juckett to discuss your data, please contact her to schedule your meeting!

Dr. Lisa Juckett, PhD, OTR/L, CHT, is an occupational therapist with doctoral training in the field of social work. She has worked for The Ohio State University since 2010 and is currently an Instructor in the Division of Occupational Therapy. Her research focuses on bridging the gap between research discoveries and the use of these discoveries in real-world healthcare settings. Heavily informed by the field of implementation science, Dr. Juckett’s research examines the factors and strategies that influence evidence-based practice adoption, primarily in organizations that serve the older adult population. In partnership with Lifecare Alliance, Dr. Juckett serves as the outcomes evaluator and is monitoring trends in frailty levels, referral sources, and the types of services received by Lifecare Alliance clients.

Who should you refer?

When partners go to a call, there may be some question as to whether the person you are responding to is a good fit for a LifeCare Alliance referral.

Here are some helpful factors to remember: Any person over 60 who is a lift assist, hoarder, is diabetic, indicates malnutrition, suffers from mental health or memory issues, has a physical disability, or calls frequently for emergent or non-emergent needs should be referred.

Remember, our services are not based on income but on physical and mental need. For more information, please refer to our Referral Cheat Sheet or our online referral form!

Getting to know your Contact

Headshot of Fannisha Page

Fannisha Page, CHW
LifeCare Alliance

Fannisha Page, CHW, is a certified Community Health Worker. She was born in Columbus, Ohio, is a proud graduate of Columbus Alternative High School, and attended The University of Memphis. She has been with LifeCare Alliance for one year. Fannisha previously worked as a Community Health Worker for Primary One’s women’s health center. Fannisha is certified in Centering Pregnancy, as a State Tested Nurse’s Assistant, and a CPR instructor. She has experience as a patient care technician in the emergency department and administrative support in mental health facilities in Lima, Ohio. Fannisha is a wife, mother of 3 beautiful girls, and an entrepreneur.

Fannisha is passionate about outreach and working with first responders and other community agencies to ensure that seniors are receiving fair access to resources so that they can remain safe, independent, and living in their homes — where they want to be.

SixtyPLUS is provided by a grant from the U.S. Administration for Community Living, and administered by LifeCare Alliance.

About SixtyPLUS

LifeCare Alliance is one of seven nonprofits chosen from a nationwide pool of applicants to study the effectiveness of services offered to seniors in American communities.

Through this study, called SixtyPLUS and funded by the Administration for Community Living, LifeCare Alliance will help create a national model to address the needs of the nation’s growing senior population. We will implement unique and innovative partnerships with fire departments, hospital systems, and healthcare providers while collecting accurate data that represent the true impact of our services.

Together, we can “bridge the gap” between the healthcare system and the community-based service system for the betterment of our seniors.

Meals-on-Wheels logo

NBC4: Volunteers Spend MLK Day of Service Delivering Meals

By Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News, Meals-on-Wheels

Story published Jan. 18, 2021, by NBC4:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has become a national day of service.

Volunteers like Dawn Smith have made volunteering on MLK Day a yearly tradition, and want to pass it on to the next generation.

LifeCare Alliance set up its own drive-thru operation for volunteers to check in and pick up meals with limited contact. Volunteers limited their direct contact with clients when they dropped off meals, but hoped the service itself was a gesture of goodwill.

Click here to read the full story.

LifeCare Alliance Administrative Building

10TV: LifeCare Alliance Replaces 30 Furnaces for Seniors in 2020

By Featured News, Home Repairs, LifeCare Alliance in the News

Story published Jan. 12, 2021, by 10TV:

Nancy Jones lost her husband, Jack, a year ago. On top of an already tough year, she started worrying about her furnace.

It started going out, and she said she wouldn’t have been able to afford fixing it. She started calling places and got in touch with LifeCare Alliance.

LifeCare Alliance replaced furnaces for about 30 people [in 2020].

Click here to read the full story.

New Year, Same Diabetes

By Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Featured News, It Takes a Family

Welcome to 2021! We first get to celebrate that we have been able to turn the page from 2020 and see what life can bring for us now — even though some may say it hasn’t started off much better.

While there is always joy and excitement and a sense of a fresh start, diabetes doesn’t start over. It’s there every day, whether we are willing to work with it or not.

I think that is one of the many things I wrestle with as a T1D parent: showing up on the days where even I don’t want to hassle with it. But putting on the strong face is the choice I get to make. I mean, let’s be honest — there have been a lot of things that we faced in 2020.

Personally, we started 2020 with Logan getting the flu, at the same time we were starting with the Dexcom CGM. I was so excited to get him started! But then battling the high sugars with being sick and seeing them constantly with the Dexcom, I learned very quickly what everyone warns you about…the CGM can also be too much information!

Then COVID struck, and we got to try to explain to our kids why we weren’t going to Great Wolf Lodge. There is this virus that we don’t know about and we don’t want to take any extra risks.

And who really enjoyed having to shut down your child’s requests over and over again to have friends over to play?! Logan is a social kid; he thrives on talking to people. And when I have that conversation of not feeling comfortable having his friends over because I don’t know how careful they have been…that immediately in his head says, “what, you don’t think my friends are smart?! You just don’t want me to have any fun!” One of those days I really didn’t want to show up for the diabetes. I didn’t like having that conversation. It was heart-crushing, actually.

There were a lot of heart-crushing conversations with kids this past year, diabetes or not. But to have a child in a “high risk” category just feels … extra hard.

And here’s the thing. We still did it. We are still doing it. We are still teaching our kids to face the hard days, or hard months. Because no matter how many calendar pages we get to flip into a new year, the reality is still that there are hard days with diabetes.

So how do you face the hard days? For me, I celebrate the little stuff. I am a gratitude fanatic! So much so that it really drives my family crazy. But I don’t think there is a wrong way to be grateful. So I celebrate the overnight stretches of near-perfect blood sugars. I celebrate when I calculate the carbs and extend the insulin just right for pizza night. Those things feel like hitting the lottery!

So celebrate yourself and your kids! Celebrate when things go well, so we don’t have to spend so much time worrying when they get hard.


Dunlap Family Picture

This blog post is PART TEN of IT TAKES A FAMILY: LIFE WITH TYPE 1, written by Lindsay Dunlap.

The Dunlap family lives with two generations of T1D, and Lindsay is graciously sharing their experience with us. If you’d like to connect with Lindsay, she’d be happy to talk about the highs and lows with you at

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