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June 2021

Spanish-Speaking Volunteers Needed at Columbus Cancer Clinic

By Columbus Cancer Clinic, Featured News

The Columbus Cancer Clinic is looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers to assist clients who do not speak English.

Volunteers for Groceries-to-Go, which serves CCC clients, would work at our 670 Harmon Ave. location and take calls for clients that speak Spanish. Volunteers in the Columbus Cancer Clinic will work at our 1699 West Mound Street location. With 38 percent of Columbus Cancer Clinic clients speaking Spanish, volunteers are especially needed. Spanish-speaking clients come in on Tuesday afternoons, on Wednesday afternoons, and on Thursdays. On those days, volunteers will interact with Spanish-speaking clients and perform task such as:

  • Greet patients at the door in their primary language
  • Perform the COVID-19 triage upon arriving for appointments
  • Assist patients in understanding the check-in process (Requesting their photo IDs, providing instructions for completing their registration paperwork, etc., but not for medical interpretation.)
  • Escorting patients to the exam room and providing instructions for changing to gowns and storing their belongings in a locker
  • Make appointment reminder phone calls for patients that did not agree to receiving a text or email reminder (To help reduce our no-show rate)
  • Call patients after we receive a referral from their PCP to schedule their appointment (Staff would then enter the appointment information in the electronic health record.)

If you or a friend are bilingual in Spanish and English, please refer to our volunteer page to start Nourishing the Human Spirit today!

Fan Campaign Drive-Through sign

NBC4: LifeCare Alliance hosts first ‘Beat the Heat’ drive-thru of summer

By Fan Campaign, Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News
Story published June 18, 2021, by the NBC4:

LifeCare Alliance hosted the first electric fan distribution of the summer for its Beat the Heat campaign on Friday, June 18, 2021.

Additional information on fan distribution and donation is available by calling The Fan Hotline at 614-437-2870 or visiting the Fan Campaign webpage.

Click here to read the full story.


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A Lowe's employee hands off a stack of fans to a Columbus firefighter.

LifeCare Alliance’s 2022 Fan Campaign Helps Central Ohioans Beat the Heat

By Fan Campaign, Featured News

For many, the summer heat may not be an issue that they think twice about. For others, like children, seniors, and people with disabilities, hot weather can cause major problems.

Central Ohioans who don’t have fans or air conditioning units have difficulty cooling their homes in the summer, sometimes dealing with temperatures of 90 degrees or more. The heat isn’t just uncomfortable; it can also cause heat strokes, which can result in death.

LifeCare Alliance helps central Ohio residents in the summer months with our Beat the Heat Fan Campaign. This annual event provides fans free of cost. Here’s how the process works:

Donating a Fan

Anyone can donate a fan to LifeCare Alliance’s Beat the Heat Fan Campaign. Drop them off at your nearest fire station or at our meal distribution facility at 670 Harmon Ave. Volunteers and staff members pick up the fans from fire stations and bring them back to our Harmon location. Ahead of our distribution events, our team prepares fans by labeling them as donated and loading them onto racks.

You can even donate a fan without leaving your house. Using our Amazon Wish List, donors can order fans and have them delivered directly to LifeCare Alliance.

Fan Campaign Kickoff Event

To kick off our annual campaign, LifeCare Alliance teams up each year with Lowe’s Home Improvement, 2345 Silver Drive, for a donation drive. Lowe’s donates the first 100 box fans, while customers may donate fans right in the store parking lot from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Our media partner, WBNS-10TV, will help get the word out about this important campaign to assist people right here in our community.

Receiving a Fan

Once LifeCare Alliance receives and prepares enough fans, we schedule our first distribution event.

To receive a fan, you need to first find out when our distribution events are. By calling our Beat the Heat Hotline, at 614-437-2870, you can learn when the next distribution event will take place. A recorded message will confirm whether or not a fan distribution event is scheduled for the day of your call. Please keep checking the hotline until we schedule our next distribution event.

Because the Beat the Heat Fan Campaign is powered by fan donations, we cannot provide fan distribution event dates in advance.

Distribution Event Procedures & Eligibility

Each fan distribution event will take place at 670 Harmon Ave. Please bring government-issued picture ID, such a driver’s license or passport, or proof of central Ohio residency. Park your car, and enter through Carrie’s Café doors.  Fan distributions will be held inside Carrie’s café.  Staff/volunteers will hand you a fan receipt to fill out.  Once your fan receipt is filled out, please take a seat and wait for your number, listed on the fan receipt to be called. Staff/volunteers will be available to help you load your fan in your vehicle if needed.

Anyone in central Ohio who needs a fan is eligible to receive one. Because quantities are limited, only a small number of fans are available per household.

If you need a fan but are unable to attend one of our distribution events, we may still be able to help. You may send a proxy (such as a friend or family member) to attend the distribution in your place. That person must present your identification or proof of address in order to receive a fan or fans for you. If you are a LifeCare Alliance client who receives Meals-on-Wheels, you may call the Meals-on-Wheels office to request a fan delivery when your meal is delivered. LifeCare Alliance is unable to provide fan deliveries to the general public.

Why We Do It

Having just one fan in a room can help lower the temperature by ten degrees! It’s not just about comfort; it could also save lives. LifeCare Alliance thanks all of the generous members of our community who donate fans each year, and encourages anyone in need of assistance to attend one of our distribution events. For more information and to contact our team, please visit our Beat the Heat Fan Campaign homepage.

—By Mason McHugh, LifeCare Alliance

Home Depot Client Dwight

LifeCare Alliance, #TeamDepot Help Veteran With Needed Home Repair

By Featured News, Home Repairs

When a local veteran needed assistance with repairs for leaky faucets in his home, he turned to LifeCare Alliance.

A friend referred Dwight — a United States Air Force veteran who retired from Experience Columbus after 21 years — to LifeCare Alliance for home-repair help. Dwight noticed his faucets leaked constantly, and he realized he needed shut-off valves installed to alleviate the problem.

LifeCare Alliance completed the repairs with grant funding from Meals on Wheels America and The Home Depot Foundation. The Helping Hometown Heroes program serves veterans with safety and health-related home maintenance projects.

“Once my faucets were repaired and the valves installed, I felt just like a kid, no more leaks!” Dwight said. “Thank you, LifeCare Alliance, and thank you, Team Depot. I really appreciate it.  I am going to tell as many veterans that I know about this service, I’m sure they too can benefit from this program.”


Home Depot Client Dwight

LifeCare Alliance, #TeamDepot Help Veteran With Needed Home Repair

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When a local veteran needed assistance with repairs for leaky faucets in his home, he turned to LifeCare Alliance. A friend referred Dwight — a United States Air Force veteran…
LifeCare Alliance Administrative Building

10TV: LifeCare Alliance Replaces 30 Furnaces for Seniors in 2020

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Story published Jan. 12, 2021, by 10TV: Nancy Jones lost her husband, Jack, a year ago. On top of an already tough year, she started worrying about her furnace. It…
Elmer, LifeCare Alliance client, shown at home in his chair.

Grab bars, new step make WWII veteran’s home a safer place

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LifeCare Alliance, with the help of a grant from Meals on Wheels America and Team Depot, made improvements in the home of a Navy veteran to help him move safely…
View of water damage on ceiling

Army widow’s roof repair a ‘blessing’ thanks to LifeCare Alliance, MOWA, Team Depot

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Ms. Marcum is a 95-year-old widow of a U.S. 2nd Battalion Army Ranger veteran who served from 1944-1946. When she needed help with a leaky roof that posed a safety…

LifeCare Alliance is excited to announce a new funding partner with our Chores program, the HomeServe Cares Foundation.

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The Chores program oversees repairs to help improve clients’ living environment by providing safety and health-related such as electrical and plumbing maintenance, grab bar and railing installations, and floor and…

LifeCare Alliance helps veteran fix costly code violations with help of Team Depot, Meals on Wheels America

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LifeCare Alliance, with the help of a grant from Meals on Wheels America and Team Depot, helped a local veteran with home repairs that improved safety hazards and helped avoid…