Donate your diabetes supplies to help those in need!

The Diabetes Supply Donation Service, provided by the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, allows the public to donate certain unused, unopened, unexpired, and non-prescription diabetes supplies.

Federal, state, and local guidelines have been established regarding the types of diabetic supplies that may or may not be donated. All supplies must be sealed and unexpired. We cannot accept supplies specifically prescribed to an individual, including insulin, insulin needles, and test strips.

For more information, call 614-884-4400 or email

What Diabetes Supplies May Be Donated?

Unopened, unused, sealed, non-prescribed, and unexpired:

  • Test strips
  • Meters
  • Pumps & supplies
  • Glucose tabs, gels, etc.
  • Blood pressure supplies
  • Lancets
  • Lancing devices
  • Sharps containers
  • Compression socks
  • Ketone strips

Original packaging not needed, but supplies must be unused:

  • Batteries
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Band-Aids
  • Disinfectants (such as wipes, sprays, etc)
  • Coolers

What Diabetes Supplies Are Not Accepted?

  • Anything with a prescription
  • Used supplies
  • Insulin
  • Syringes & Pens
  • Pen Needles
  • Glucagon

Where can I donate unaccepted supplies?

How may I receive supplies from the Diabetes Supply Service?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and need any of the supplies above, please click here to contact us for more information and to see whether you are eligible.

Ready to donate, or have questions?

To schedule a time to drop off your donations, or if you have any questions about our policies, processes, or items, please use the form below or contact CODA Director Cathy Paessun at or 614-437-2918.

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