Fighting HIV/AIDS through nutrition

Founded by Matt Taylor in 1994, Project OpenHand-Columbus (POHC) is dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS in central Ohio and their families. POHC became a program of LifeCare Alliance in December 2004.
POHC offers an extensive intervention program that addresses the causes of malnutrition and hunger associated with HIV/AIDS. Medical research has shown that nutritious food is one of the most powerful weapons available for fighting AIDS.
POHC services are offered FREE of charge, though contributions are graciously accepted.


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Services provided to those living with HIV/AIDS

Home-Delivered Meals

Frozen, nutritionally enriched meals are delivered to clients’ homes when needed.

Dining at Carrie's Cafe

Hot meals and friendly support are served along with educational programs focused on nutritional issues and life skills. Please call 614-437-2854 for a luncheon schedule.

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling

A healthy diet is important for everyone in fighting infections and changing the course of the disease. Regular, healthy eating can lessen the harsh side effects of medications, help the body’s immune system fight opportunistic infections, prevent and stop malnutrition.

Nutrition and education counseling help clients take control of their own nutritional well-being.

Emergency Meal Assistance

Case managers may make a request for emergency meals for clients in distress. Meals will be delivered within 48 hours to the client’s home or be picked up from office.  Meals are to feed the client through a short-term difficult time. We will be unable to support the household through this service. Request must be made through our online referral system here.

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For more information about Project OpenHand-Columbus services or learn how you can get started, contact:
Leah Bunck