LifeCare Alliance operates a national model for its programs, leading in social enterprise, fundraising, volunteer engagement, effective mergers, and endowment. These efforts reinforce our ability to serve clients today while laying the foundation for years to come.

Social Enterprise

By competing in the marketplace against for-profit companies, LifeCare Alliance fights for every dollar to reinvest in our programs and services.
Our social enterprises include:


Our most successful fundraising events — such as Big Wheels, Night of Hope and Support, and The Dash For Camp  — bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to ensure we continue to serve all eligible clients with no waiting list. But the need for services continues to grow as the Baby Boom generation begins to gray. 

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer engagement dramatically expands LifeCare Alliance’s reach into our community. By reducing the need for paid drivers, for example, LifeCare Alliance is able to direct more resources to our nutrition programs and serve clients in need who may otherwise be unfunded through traditional sources. 
Volunteer opportunities abound at LifeCare Alliance. You can give back to the community by volunteering with Meals-on-Wheels, Senior Dining Centers, and much more. Your company or group can Adopt-a-Route or come in for a team shift in our cancer pantry. Click here to learn more.

Merger Partnerships

In recent years, LifeCare Alliance has expanded its menu of programs by merging with central Ohio organizations that provide compatible services. These merger partnerships reduce overhead costs, allowing a higher portion of every dollar to benefit clients directly. 
Our most recent merger partnership, with the Diabetes Dayton in 2020, allows LifeCare Alliance to provide diabetes education and prevention services to our clients, which in turn may help reduce the need for our services in the future.


Building an endowment generates a new, consistent source of funding that will support our services for years to come. LifeCare Alliance has set a goal to increase our endowment to $20 million, which will generate an estimated $1 million in income each year.
To support this goal, an anonymous donor has pledged to match the first $5 million in endowment gifts to the Agency. This is an unprecedented opportunity for our most dedicated supporters to leave a lasting legacy. Click here to learn more.