Board of Directors

Kent C. Hess
Board Chair

Rev. Msgr. Joseph M. Hendricks
Vice Chair

Erin Kelley Shannon

Dino D. Lanno

Brian X. Tierney
Immediate Past Chair

Patricia M. Ammendola

Philip B. Bartlett

Todd Beekman

Michael Berichon

The Honorable Kimberly J. Brown

Hugh C. Cathey

Robert O. Click

Joseph W. Cole, II

Karen S. Cookston, CRPC

Timothy J. Cotter, MLHR

Todd M. Davis

Robert L. Fenner, CPCU

Jeffrey C. Fivecoat

Lisa Gossett, MSN, RN, CENP

Elizabeth A. Haselwood, MSN, RN

Diane Herman

Carl W. Levander

Earl LeVere, JD

Patricia A. McKnight, MS RD LD

Marie M. Mead

Jay R. Meglich, CPA

Paul A. Naumoff, JD

Colleen K. Nissl, JD

Steve A. Niswonger

Suzanne Q. Perry

Denise M. Robinson

William R. Rozich, III

Donna M. Ruscitti, JD

Michael R. Sayre

Thomas P. Skoog

David C. Tiggett

Bobbie Jo Trittschuh

Thomas H. Welch

Steven E. Werman

Timothy O. Wiechers JD

Randolph C. Wiseman, JD

Leadership Team

Charles W. Gehring
President & CEO

John Gregory, MSW, LISW-S
Senior Vice President of Operations

Mildred Gain
Vice President & CFO

Rebecca Hurd
Vice President, Advancement

Andrea Devier
Associate Vice President, Grants and Data Management

Christin Brown, MBOE, RN, OCN, LSW
Director, Columbus Cancer Clinic

Leah Bunck, MSW
Assistant Director, Nutrition Services

Alli Chrzanowski
Director, Help-at-Home

Nathaniel Cook
Director, Information Technology

Matthew DeChant
Director, Advancement

David K. Drennen
Director, Food Service

Maurice Elder
Director, Customer Service

R. Trent Sickles, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Julie Harmon
Director, IMPACT Safety

Molly Haroz
Director, Nutrition Services

Chef David Imwalle
Manager, L.A. Catering and Meal Operations

Michelle Jones
Director, Marketing and Communications

Andy Nowlin
Director, Human Resources

Cathy Paessun
Director, Central Ohio Diabetes Association

Melinda Rowe, BSN, RN
Director, Wellness Services

Pauli Tice
Director, Volunteer Services

Annette Utzinger
Assistant to the President & CEO