Improving Access to Health Services in Central Ohio

LifeCare Alliance Wellness Centers provide specialized wellness assistance for adults throughout Franklin County.
The program offers low-cost, high-quality health services right in your neighborhood. Each Community Wellness Center is staffed with a registered nurse and a registered dietitian, providing expertise in foot care, health assessments, and disease prevention and management.
Our nurses and dietitians work with clients to monitor and maintain good health.

Learn to #takecontrol

In-Home Diabetes Management Services

Need help learning to manage your diabetes? Our Central Ohio Resource Experts will come to you!

Now, you can schedule an in-home session with a registered dietitian to learn important diabetes management skills in a one-on-one setting. You’ll get individualized coaching and customized education on lowering and managing your blood sugar.

We’ll bill Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. Patients often see no direct cost for this service.

Get started today! Contact Elana Burak at 614-437-2912 or by email at

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