Group of girls at camp

Hello, Camper Families!

We know you and your campers love Camp Hamwi as much as we do!
It’s the place where kids with diabetes can stretch their wings and try new things while being supported and encouraged by counselors who have been in their shoes. For many of us, Camp is one of our favorite safe places.
But the COVID-19 pandemic has made gathering together potentially unsafe. So this year, we’re taking camp online!
While we’d love to get together in person, we’re committed to keeping campers, staff, and families connected in this new and exciting way! We’re already working on a virtual curriculum and laying the foundation for an online camp experience that captures many of the things we love most about Camp Hamwi.
We’ll be rolling out additional details about virtual camp this month. We’re also planning some digital get-togethers and are excited to share details with you soon!
We hope you are excited about the opportunity to participate in this experience despite current conditions due to COVID-19. The establishment of an online camp will incur costs for the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, and we hope parents will consider fees paid as a contribution toward those costs. Of course, if you have questions or concerns, we are here for you. Contact Youth & Family Programs Director Anthony Myer at 614-437-2914 or by email at
In order to join in the virtual fun, you’ve got to register! Click the link below to register today! As always, THANK YOU for being part of the camp family!