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LifeCare Alliance Nurse Wins Award in Honor of Free Clinic Appreciation Month

The Charitable Healthcare Network (CHN) has named LifeCare Alliance’s Kathy Magee, a Powell local and certified nurse practitioner at the Columbus Cancer Clinic (CCC), with the Free Clinic Nurse of the Year Award. In partnership with the Ohio Department of Health and the CHN, LifeCare Alliance is celebrating December as Free Clinic Appreciation Month.  

Magee, a resident of Powell, Ohio, performs cancer screenings for breast and cervical cancer at the CCC and educates clients on suggested screening frequencies and preventative measures. If clients require additional support, Magee researches and connects them to the right community resources for their needs.  

Magee is particularly passionate about making sure women without access to healthcare resources are screened for breast and cervical cancer. This aligns with the Ohio Department of Health’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Project (BCCP), an initiative to help all women successfully navigate cancer screenings. Through BCCP enrollment, uninsured and underinsured women can receive cancer screenings and mammograms at no cost. As a BCCP designated enrollment site, the CCC conducts regular outreach to help women in underserved communities find access to critical, life-saving cancer screenings and diagnostics. Currently, the CCC has registered more women in this program than any other provider in Ohio, representing 13 percent of enrollment in the BCCP—thanks in large part to Magee’s efforts.  

“The whole reason I’m at the clinic is cancer prevention,” says Magee. “I do anything I can to help women prevent it, catch it early, and make sure it gets treated quickly.” 

The CCC was founded in 1921, making it one of the country’s first free cancer screening and detection facilities. It offers low-cost or free cancer screenings, mammograms, and education about cancer prevention and early detection. The clinic also offers cancer support services including interpretation services, hygiene supplies, transportation, and linkages to critical health resources. In 2022, the CCC performed nearly 5,000 mammograms, diagnostics, biopsies, and cancer screenings. The clinic is part of the Charitable Healthcare Network, a statewide network of free and charitable providers. 

The Ohio Legislature, through H.B. 320 of the 130th General Assembly in 2014, designated December as Free Clinic Appreciation Month (FCAM) in Ohio. As part of this celebration, the Charitable Healthcare Network and the Ohio Department of Health recognize the accomplishments of Ohio’s free clinics with Free Clinic Award presentations.