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Beauty is often found in the quietest moments.

The National Council on Aging held a photo contest for its Age + Action Virtual Conference. The contest encouraged photographers from all over the country to submit photos depicting people enjoying their advanced years and awarded prizes to some of the most impactful submissions.

The photos showcased seniors in moments of joy, companionship and quiet dignity.

The winning photo was titled A Loving Touch, and featured a black and white image of an elderly interracial couple sharing a tender moment.

“The judges chose this photo because of its artistry, poignancy, sensitivity, and dignity,” said Ken Bracht, NCOA chief marketing and business development officer.

The second-place photo, titled Grandma Quality Time, showed a toddler and her grandmother sharing a chocolate milkshake. Other honorees included On the Bench, a photo of several older men sharing a laugh in the park, and One Day Like the Next, which depicted a man watching television in a cozy, cluttered living room.

You can see the NCOA’s entire gallery here.

Photo Credit: Allan Mestel

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