Community Wellness Centers

Community Wellness Centers are located throughout Franklin County. The LifeCare Alliance Wellness Center program is designed to help clients stay healthy by providing low cost, high high-quality services right in their own neighborhoods. Each LifeCare Alliance Community Wellness Center is staffed with a registered nurse and a registered dietitian.

Services Offered

  • Foot Care: Services include trimming toenails and calluses, foot protection, and counseling.
  • Health Evaluations: Receive regular blood pressure, blood glucose, and neuropathy checks.
  • Nutrition Education: The Registered Dietitians help you to manage your weight, diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol by teaching healthy food choices.
  • Health Education and Fitness: Join your friends at an Arthritis exercise class or at an Eat Better Feel Better class.

Please call your nearest Community Wellness Center to check services offered. There are 8 locations in Franklin County. Call today to schedule an appointment at 614-437-2878.