Closing the Gap Between
Seniors and Basic Needs

SixtyPLUS bridges the gap between the healthcare and community-based service systems, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of seniors. Together, we can position our community to meet the growing demand.
Our goal is to help seniors live in the comfort of their homes and to maintain an independent lifestyle. By partnering with first responders and partners throughout the community, LifeCare Alliance can intervene and foster positive outcomes for vulnerable seniors.

How it Works

Diagram of SixtyPLUS concept

Through strategic partnerships with first responders, medical professionals, discharge planners, etc., LifeCare Alliance intervenes to provide non-emergency assistance in the home, reducing seniors’ reliance on excessive emergency resources.

A few basic helps in the home — such as meals, home repairs, or chronic disease management — can help seniors to remain safe, independent, and in their own homes, where they want to be!

Partners will securely share relevant data with LifeCare Alliance to identify senior needs and, over time, measure improvements in both service delivery and client outcomes.

About SixtyPLUS

LifeCare Alliance is one of seven nonprofits chosen from a nationwide pool of applicants to study the effectiveness of services offered to seniors in American communities.

Through this study, called SixtyPLUS and funded by the Administration for Community Living, LifeCare Alliance will help create a national model to address the needs of the nation’s growing senior population. We will implement unique and innovative partnerships with fire departments, hospital systems, and healthcare providers while collecting accurate data that represent the true impact of our services.

Together, we can “bridge the gap” between the healthcare system and the community-based service system for the betterment of our seniors.

SixtyPLUS is provided by a grant from the U.S. Administration for Community Living, and administered by LifeCare Alliance.

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