A Special Offer for
Franklin County Veterans and Spouses

LifeCare Alliance is providing two months’ worth of frozen Meals-on-Wheels at no charge to veterans and their spouses/widows.
To be eligible, the veteran or spouse must be Franklin County residents and provide copies of discharge paperwork (DD214) and income statement or Social Security award letter. If both the veteran and spouse would like to receive meals, a marriage certificate is needed. If a surviving spouse would like to receive meals, both a marriage certificate and the veteran’s death certificate are needed.
Participants can choose the quantity of meals per delivery and beverage for weekly deliveries. Meals are delivered to the participant’s home or designated location.

Apply now

Complete the form below to begin the application process for the two months of free frozen Meals-on-Wheels. A LifeCare Alliance representative will contact you regarding your delivery schedule and to obtain copies of your discharge paperwork and income statement.

Need assistance?

Contact Maurice Elder at 614-437-2895 or Molly Haroz at 614-437-2861.