Community Wellness Centers

Wellness Centers
Wellness Centers are located throughout Franklin County. The LifeCare Alliance Wellness Center program is designed to help you stay healthy by providing low cost, high high-quality services right in your own neighborhood. Each LifeCare Alliance Wellness Center is staffed with a Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian experienced in the needs of older adults. You, your nurse and your dietitian work as a team to monitor and maintain your good health. You will learn how to manage your personal health regimen and to communicate effectively with your physician.
Carrie's Cafe Wellness Center
670 Harmon Avenue
Columbus, OH 43223
Appointments: Nurse: 614-437-2831; Dietitian: 614-437-2981
Clintonville Beechwold Community Resource Center
3222 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Appointments: Nurse: 614-437-2831; Dietitian: 614-437-2981
Gillie Senior Recreation Center
2100 Morse Rd.
Columbus, OH 43229
Appointments: Nurse: 614-540-9997; Dietitian: 614-437-2981
Grove City Church of the Nazarene
4770 Hoover Road
Grove City, Ohio 43123
Appointments: Nurse: 614-437-2927; Dietitian: 614-437-2981
Gye Nyame Place
2830 Cleveland Avenue
Columbus, OH 43224
Appointments:  Nurse: 614-437-2811; Dietitian: 614-437-2981
Maplewood Heights Apartments Center
91 Maplewood Avenue
Whitehall, Ohio 43213
Appointments:  Nurse: 614-437-2927; Dietitian: 614-437-2981
Marion Franklin Community Center
2801 Lockbourne Road
Columbus, OH 43207
Appointments: Nurse: 614-437-2927; Dietitian: 614-437-2981
Prairie Township Community Center
5955 W. Broad St.
Galloway, OH 43119
Appointments:  Nurse: 740-360-4132; Dietitian: 614-437-2981
Call 278-2878 for more information.

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