Welcome to IMPACT Safety where personal safety is built from the inside out.  IMPACT Safety teaches emotional and physical skills necessary to reduce risk, prevent violence and make safe choices, so that we can all live and work with greater confidence. 
IMPACT Safety, a program of LifeCare Alliance is working to provide safety trainings and workshops. IMPACT Safety has been developing and teaching interpersonal safety skills to diverse populations for 20 years. Please browse the site and learn how IMPACT Safety and LifeCare Alliance are working together to keep YOU safe!   
The safety trainings offered to women, youth, those with disabilities, the elderly and professionals in the workplace.  IMPACT Safety’s expertise is recognized internationally as well as locally.





Corporate growth and success will continue to rest upon the shoulders of its people, who work in a multitude of environments, engaging others inside and outside the organization. While successful commerce relies on this dynamic, today’s corporations must also consider the risks involved in this process, and endeavor to minimize
IMPACT Safety continues to set the standard for safety education. As awareness of IMPACT and its mission has grown, so has the interest in utilizing IMPACT’s services on a personal level. As a result, IMPACT Safety continues to offer workshops and courses throughout the central Ohio region, as well as programs for small groups and organizations. Personal safety, be it in the home, at work, or out in the neighborhood, is an issue that presents new challenges, opportunities and solutions every day. As a leading authority on safety and risk issues, IMPACT endeavors to make what we learn available for you to utilize in your life, your family and your organization.


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