Corporate Wellness

LifeCare Alliance offers the Catch the Wellness Spirit program, designed to provide an aggressive corporate wellness program for your organization. The program delivers real health results for your employees. Everybody is a winner when you partner with LifeCare Alliance for your wellness needs.
The LifeCare Alliance Catch the Wellness Spirit Program includes the following:
  • An on-site Registered Nurse and Registered Dietitian at your company to work with you and your employees.
  • On-site health screenings for your employees.
  • On-site educational programs.
  • On-site flu shots and adult immunizations.
  • Presence at health fairs and assistance with organizing health fairs.
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Partner With Us

Is your business or organization looking for donation options or volunteer opportunities?  

LifeCare Alliance gladly accepts donations of any size or quantity, and we offer plenty of volunteer programs for your employees to choose from!  

For more information, please contact Michelle Jones at 614-437-2803.

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