Education important, but follow-through vital in diabetes plan

By Brenda Rendelman, RD, CDE
Central Ohio Diabetes Association

Education is an important first step in the journey of diabetes management. But even more important is following through on your plan.

Approximately three months after a person completes our Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support Series, we call them to see how they are doing in several areas.   We ask each person about their quality of life, blood glucose levels/A1C, nutrition management, and their progress toward the goals they set during the education series.

William B. completed our DSMES series this July.  Here, William describes the changes he's made to stay on track with his goals:

“I’m taking my metformin and following the diet we discussed in class. I’ve lost 30 pounds since taking the series.  I was drinking nearly one gallon of pop each day prior to the series but now drink only water.  I never eat past 6 or 6:30 pm, and drink only water after that time.  I eliminated snacking.  My nutrition management is most certainly better.  The majority of each of my meals is plant-based.  I eat beans every day and oatmeal every morning.  I eat primarily low-sodium foods.  My blood pressure was high before going through the classes; it’s now normal.  My fasting blood sugar is under 100 and after meals, my blood sugar is in the 115-120 range.  My quality of life is better.  I never slept well and now I don’t have to get up during the night and now sleep 7 straight hours for the first time in many, many years.  I give a lot of credit to you and the program.  The program that you and the other instructor gave, if a person listens, maybe takes some notes, and then follows the guidance, it works.  You and the nurse made it clear, concise, and easy to understand…if people would follow the recommendations, they’ll be successful.  Unlike some other diseases, the encouraging thing about diabetes is that if a person follows the recommendations, diabetes can be managed well.  A person with diabetes can control it.  I’m 100% convinced that I would be following the same path had I not attended your DSMES program.”

William has made striking progress since participating in our DSMES series and he deserves all the credit for following our recommendations and making healthy choices his way of life.   Each person is unique but we see similar results in the majority of people who complete our DSMES program.

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes and want to gain understanding and guidance about the condition and how to manage it, please call the Central Ohio Diabetes Association at 614-884-4400.  Our team provides education and support that is responsive to your needs and goals.  We’ll schedule you for an assessment with our licensed social worker and then register you for the education that fits your schedule. 


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