Dietitian visits, lifestyle changes complete diabetes toolkit

By Jared Klaus, RDN, LD
LifeCare Alliance

Diabetes is a complex condition that requires education and understanding in order to live a more healthy lifestyle without complications. For many, unfortunately, this education is not being obtained. Such was the case with Daphne I.

Daphne, like many others struggling with diabetes, was under the impression that if she took her medications she would be able to live a life without complications. However, problems arose when a quick visit to her doctor’s office revealed an elevated A1C (average blood sugar over a 3 month period) of 8.6%. Frustrated, Daphne was not sure what to do next, but she knew she wanted to learn more.

Daphne took action into her own hands and reached out to one of the wellness dietitians at LifeCare Alliance. Through consistent weekly meetings with a wellness dietitian, Daphne was able to learn what exactly diabetes was, how it affected her body, and learned simple lifestyle changes that significantly improved her diabetes management.

After roughly 4 months of learning and applying the knowledge to her own life, and setting several goals along the way, Daphne was successfully able to lower her A1C from 8.6% to 6.4% — a much more desirable value. Equipped with the tools to successfully and independently manage her diabetes, Daphne now only meets with LCA’s dietitian on a monthly basis.

LifeCare Alliance’s wellness dietitians are a great community resource that can help spread the much-needed knowledge on diabetes (and much more). It is a cost-efficient/affordable way to learn how wellness and nutrition can benefit your health. To learn more about the programs that can help you take control and prevent/manage diabetes, visit today!

Have you had your blood sugar tested lately? The Central Ohio Diabetes Association can help. During National Diabetes Month, you can walk in for a free diabetes screening from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at the CODA offices, 1100 Dennison Avenue. 


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