Diabetes screening at CODA leads client to #takecontrol

By Brenda Rendelman, RD, CDE
Central Ohio Diabetes Association

A simple blood-sugar test at the Central Ohio Diabetes Association was the spark that David G. needed to discover his diabetes and learn to live a healthier lifestyle.

David said he hadn’t been to a doctor for thirty years because he had never been ill and hadn’t had health insurance for many years.  Several months ago, he realized he was constantly thirsty and had increased urination.  He came into the Central Ohio Diabetes Association to take advantage of free blood sugar screenings that CODA offers.  David’s blood sugar was so elevated that the meter would only register “High.”

He was instructed to see a doctor immediately and discontinue the sugar-packed sodas he was drinking every day.  Since he didn’t have a doctor, the dietitian reviewed CODA’s Resource Guide with him, and David circled a few options in the booklet.  He also agreed to immediately cut out the sodas. 

David saw a physician a few days later, was tested and diagnosed with diabetes, and began taking diabetes medication.  He then registered for, and completed, CODA’s Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (“DSMES”) series.  CODA’s DSMES program is focused on the individual’s needs, preferences, and goals.  Led by a registered nurse and a registered dietitian, DSMES facilitates the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for optimal diabetes self-care, overall health, and quality of life. 

David is following the meal plan that the registered dietitian developed for him and is following all other recommendations, including walking daily.  His most recent blood sugar level was 119 after eating, an ideal blood sugar result.

Have you had your blood sugar tested lately? The Central Ohio Diabetes Association can help. During National Diabetes Month, you can walk in for a free diabetes screening from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at the CODA offices, 1100 Dennison Avenue.

Knowledge is key, so take control! Learn more from the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, a program of LifeCare Alliance, at www.diabetesohio.org


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