Columbus Cancer Clinic

The Columbus Cancer Clinic provides helping hands to the community, assisting those affected by cancer and those wishing to be screened and has served the greater Columbus area since 1921. The Clinic educates the public about cancer prevention and the benefits of early detection; offers affordable, accessible screening examinations, mammograms; and provides home care support services. All clients can receive needed services, regardless of ability to pay.  The Columbus Cancer Clinic became an agency of LifeCare Alliance in May 2005.
Our History:

Carrie Nelson Black founded the Columbus Cancer Clinic in 1921 with the professional assistance of Dr. James Baldwin and Dr. Andre Crotti. Mrs. Black believed that the control of cancer was a civic responsibility. The Columbus Cancer Clinic was the first free detection, diagnostic and treatment center for cancer in the United States.
With strong support from the Clinic’s board of directors, staff, volunteers and donors, Mrs. Black’s 1921 vision continues today. Based on evaluation of community needs, the Clinic restructures programs and initiates new activities to provide needed services.
Since 1923, the Columbus Cancer Clinic has received funding from the United Way of Central Ohio. Funds also come from individual and corporate contributions, special events, grants, trusts, and estate bequests, as well as very generous support from the Rays and Thrift Stores of the Columbus Cancer Clinic.
The Columbus Cancer Clinic's annual campaign supports the on-going programs and services provided by the Clinic to those in need of cancer care in our community.
Our Mission:

Today, the Columbus Cancer Clinic strives to maintain the health and enrich the lives of families in Central Ohio by providing high quality cancer prevention, early detection, home care and emotional support services to all who need them regardless of ability to pay.
The Clinic believes that: 
  • Compassion, humanity, and continuity of care must always accompany all services provided.
  • All persons should be treated with dignity and respect. Every person has a right to access concise information in order to practice preventive healthcare.
  • Every person has a right to access high quality healthcare regardless of ability to pay.
  • Flexibility is essential to meet the changing needs of the community within the healthcare environment
  • All providers must be accountable for clearly defined and measured results.


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